Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Black Envirobags !

These are my new envirobags, hot off the press !
They are made from black cotton fabric with roses that are sheer . In the photo I have put white paper inside to show off the roses print. I think they look lovely, they are made from 100% cotton fabric and the size is depth 43.5cm x width 47cm. They roll up really small like the envirobags 2 posts down ,please scroll down and take a look . I didn't take a photo of them rolled up, when I do I will post it .All my bags are made using solar power from the sun.
They are $6 each + $1 postage & handling ..


  1. Sherrie, your bag arrived yesterday - Thank you, it is gorgeous. I thought it might take a while as there are so many roads cut over here. I even road tested it on the way home. I love the way i can fold it up and put it in my handbag,
    It really frustrates me that so many people still don't take bags into the supermarket with them. For goodness sake, you take your purse/wallet and remember to wear clothes - why is it so hard for people???

  2. Hi katie, so glad you like the envirobag :):):)
    Hope you gets years of use out of it !