Saturday, October 30, 2010

These Are My Enviro Bags That I make & Sell !

                                                                                        My Envirobags !
These are my enviro bags that I make and sell. I sell them for $6 each + $1.00 postage & handling for Australian residents only. If you would like to place an order please post a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Or send me an email at
They are great for always having one or two in your handbag for those unexpected shopping trips you will never need to get another plastic bag again. (help save our beautiful planet ).They roll up really small and are made from very light weight 100% cotton fabric and they come in 4 different fabric colours which you can see below. The size is 19 inch width x 18 inch depth or 48cm x 45.5cm.(great to give for gifts I gave them to all my friends and family for presents last year !) Lucky them ! If any one would like to make them they are very easy . If you can sew a straight line you could make them. Actually even if you cannot sew a straight line you could still probably make them. Give it a go. Or purchase one or two. To place an order please email me at   and I will get back to you asap.


  1. Have a great day every one :):)

  2. I have one of these bags, kindly sent to me by Sherrie.
    For the first little while, I didn't get to use it, ,but I was out and about, and needed a bag.
    Well, I had one of these hidden in my bag for this very reason! I am now in love. So light and yet strong.
    I think my next one may be the blue one!
    Thanks Sherrie!

  3. Great bags very creative

  4. Great bags, love them as I am sure my relatives will when they get for Christmas, when we go home to Tasmania from Christmas.

    Lovely Lovely thanks Sherrie.


  5. wow I love these bags.. I have a beautiful blue one, it is just sooooooo soft and wonderful to feel!! it rolls up to a very very compact roll, easy to have in the handbag and then it is always there for those shopping items you dash into the shops for!! I'm super glad that I've got mine, and I love the summery colour!!

  6. Thank you every one for all your lovely feed back about my envirobags !

  7. I have one of these wonderful bags and cannot see how I got along without one all this time. I have used it now on numerous occasions and have been so grateful to have had it tucked away in my handbag :)

    Thanks Sherrie, they are very strong too. I used it again today when I bought more Chrissie presents than I expected to buy lol and got many comments on how pretty the bag was.
    Love it.


  8. Thanks Linda... I love hearing that people are finding them very useful...I like you take a few green bags shopping with me and some times purchase more then I plan on ...that's when it really comes in handy...
    Thanks for posting !